About Us

Our store consists of three goldsmiths at our address in Aalborg. We design and create handmade, quality jewelry and we also certify jewelry and gemstones.


Finn Klitgaard,

Finn is the owner of Carat Design. He is born and raised in Aalborg, Denmark, but started out as a graduate jeweler apprentice at Hingelberg in Aarhus, Denmark. Finn then moved to Laguna Beach in California, USA where he worked as a Jeweler for two years. In 1991, he moved back to Denmark and founded Carat Design. Carat Design is now 28 years old and can still be found in Aalborg, Denmark. 


Ove Bang Jensen,

Ove is born and raised in Frederikshavn and began his jewelry career as a 17 year old at Abrahamsen v. j. Dansbo. He finished his apprenticeship in 1970. He has been running his own store in Frederikshavn for 15 years before he in 2005 began his career at Carat Design.


Line Ekstrøm Baggesen,

Line is from Aalborg, but finished her apprenticeship in 2011 from Charlotte Waehrens in Frederikshavn. The same year, she got a second place in the national jeweler tournament of Denmark. A short time after finishing her apprenticeship, she started her career at Carat Design.